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The family home of a Republican US House candidate in North Carolina was shot at last month after his Democrat opponent ran a personal attack ad that featured one of the GOP candidate’s homes.

Reports surfaced Thursday that a gunshot was fired at the lakeside home of 14th district GOP nominee Pat Harrigan’s parents. The shot entered mere feet from where Harrigan’s 3 and 5-year-old children were sleeping, his campaign manager Brandon Craft told The Carolina Journal.

Fortunately, no one was injured. The shot left a bullet hole in the window of the home. Police also say they’ve located a bullet casing they’re looking into. The type of firearm used has not yet been identified.

The gunshot came on the same day Harrigan’s Democrat opponent Jeff Jackson ran an ad that showed one of the GOP candidate’s homes.

“The ad had been running since Oct. 18, apparently the same date the bullet hole was found,” reported The New York Times, with the Charlotte Observer clarifying, “The home pictured in the ad was not the one that was shot.”

In a letter to Jackson last month, Harrigan condemned Jackson’s campaign for the ad saying it “went too far because targeting family domiciles crosses a line.”

“Family is stretched thin on campaigns — and you violated my family’s security. I have already received a credible death threat. I wear a low-profile bulletproof vest to every single major public event. As I travel, wherever my family is located, they are significantly less safe with me in this race. And they are even less safe now that you’ve shown one of my homes to the world,” Harrigan’s open letter to Jackson stated.

“There are many questions that I have about you, your taxes, former home, current home, and your personal life. But I’m never going to film an ad in front of your home, violating the sanctity and security of your family—putting their lives at risk. It just doesn’t seem like the ‘honest and decent’ thing to do.”

On Friday, ten days after Harrigan’s letter, Jackson finally responded by condemning the act, noting the assailant “has yet to be identified.”

Jackson’s campaign removed the ad Friday, but it has already “aired on a number of Charlotte TV stations,” according to The Epoch Times.

With elections just days away, left-leaning mainstream media outlets have painstakingly tried to bury the damning story.

In a report on the subject Friday, CNN obfuscated the fact Harrigan is a Republican candidate, leaving that detail out of their headline and lede sentence – despite it being a fact voters should likely know about with midterms less than four days away.

A headline from The Charlotte Observer, “the biggest newspaper in the Carolinas,” was equally ambiguous. The paper announced last month it would back Jackson.

The story also does little to help the Biden regime’s narrative that “extreme MAGA Republicans” are the ones committing violence and destroying democracy.

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