Should Skier Eileen Gu Have to Answer for China’s Genocide?

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American-born skier Eileen Gu has received a lot of media attention for deciding to compete for China in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. She’s been under scrutiny not for switching allegiances, but for which country she switched them to. China’s human rights abuses are well documented and should have disqualified it from hosting the Olympics. It didn’t, and so now it’s up to everyone else to decide how to handle it. Several countries have announced diplomatic boycotts. Some athletes have chosen not to attend this year’s Olympics. And some athletes have chosen to look the other way and compete for China. But should Eileen Gu have to answer for China’s genocide?

This is a highlight from the full episode No. 153 Beijing Olympics: Covid, Creepy Pandas, & Changing Nationalities

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