Should We Kick China Out of the UN, WTO?

Should we kick China out of the UN and WTO? After China joined the World Trade Organization, its economic rise was meteoric. China has been using the United Nations as a springboard for its influence operations (cough coughvid) and undermining the western-created world order. Now that it’s clear what a threat to the world the Chinese Communist Party is, should the US and its allies kick China out of both organizations? Joining us in this episode of China Unscripted to discuss that and more is Anders Corr, the publisher of the Journal of Political Risk and principal at Corr Analytics. He’s also the author of the new book The Concentration of Power: Institutionalization, Hierarchy, and Hegemony.

The Concentration of Power: Institutionalization, Hierarchy, and Hegemony.

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This is a highlight from the full episode No. 145 Is China’s Rise to Global Hegemon Inevitable?

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