Sold-Out Madison Square Garden Concert Crowd Chants “Let’s Go Brandon!” – NewsWars

Over 13,000 rowdy country music fans erupted in chants of “Let’s go Brandon” and “USA” during Morgan Wallen’s tour opener at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

According to a press release, decibel levels at the concert were 30dBs louder than an average basketball game at the famous arena. 

Rolling Stone reports, “As early as the first song, chants of ‘U-S-A’ filled the arena (with at least one fan quick to take credit for starting it on Twitter). Even more forceful was a wave of ‘Let’s go Brandon’ refrains, a euphemism for ‘Fuck Joe Biden.’ The two occasionally were pitted against each other, with ‘Brandon’ winning out each time.”

Wallen was accused of racism after a video posted to social media in 2020 showed him referring to someone as a “pussy ass nigga.”

The outrage mob is still upset that the attempted destruction of Wallen’s career following the scandal has backfired and that he’s now beginning a successful nationwide tour.

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