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A handful of Silicon Valley moguls are backing the Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., causing concern for incumbent Joe Biden.

Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya have signaled their support of US lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of former US Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy.

Sacks and Palihapitiya are to jointly host a fundraiser for RFK Jr. in the Bay Area next week, according to Axios. The fundraiser will include a cocktail hour and then a smaller dinner. The media outlet cited Palihapitiya as saying that he has been “surprised” by the overall positive response to the event, including “a lot of people maxing out.”

For his part, Dorsey openly endorsed the Democratic candidate on Twitter on June 4. Per the ex-Twitter CEO, Kennedy “can and will” beat both Donald Trump and DeSantis, the GOP presidential nomination frontrunners.

Meanwhile, Twitter owner Elon Musk hosted RFK Jr. on Twitter Spaces earlier this week, providing him an opportunity to outline his vision on US policies. (Musk offered the aforementioned format to all presidential candidates).

However, the US mainstream media is treating RFK Jr. as a “longshot candidate”, ridiculing him for what they call conspiracy theories and his anti-vaccine stance. They also criticize him for breaking with the Democratic orthodoxy and voicing ideas similar to those of MAGA Republicans when it comes to the US migration problem and Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine.

Kennedy commands a 20% support among Democratic voters with his campaign continuing to gain momentum. The US press notes that Democrats are growing concerned that RFK Jr.’s profile is rising as Joe Biden is facing a tough election fight. American observers have drawn attention to the fact that in addition to increasing media attention and decent poll numbers, he also has a “media-ready image” being an heir to the famous political dynasty.

RFK Jr.’s growing popularity could increase pressure on Joe Biden to hold a debate, something that Biden and other top Democrats have so far declined to consider.

According to the media, even though a handful of Silicon Valley moguls cannot propel Kennedy to the presidency, they could help “narrow the money gap” and help Kennedy to stay in the race longer than “a typical longshot.”

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