Teen Coyote With Nearly 100 Prior Apprehensions Caught Smuggling Illegals Into US

A Mexican teen who has been apprehended by U.S. authorities nearly 100 times was caught smuggling illegal aliens into Texas over the weekend.

The latest arrest of Luis Alberto Torres, a 17-year-old β€˜coyote’ from Matamoros, Mexico, unfolded on Saturday in Brownsville, TX.

Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) troopers detected a group of illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande.

TxDPS drone operators helped a brush team on the ground locate Torres, who found hiding in a shed.

β€œLuis Alberto Torres, from Matamoros, Mexico, was charged with felony human smuggling & transported to county jail,” TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez explained in a statement released on Tuesday alongside a video of Torres’ arrest.

β€œTorres has a history of 96 apprehensions for drug, human, & exotic monkey smuggling.”

Cartels and smuggling organizations often employ minors as guides – or β€˜coyotes’ – because U.S. authorities are more likely to release them quickly back into Mexico if they are caught, as immigration news outlet Border Hawk explained in a recent report.

Chaos unfolds constantly along theΒ U.S.-Mexico border, as InfowarsΒ regularly reports.

Penn Station was slammed by hundreds of illegal aliens arriving to New York City this week.

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