Texas College Imposes COVID Vaccine Mandates For Students & Faculty

The Baylor College of Medicine issued an email declaring that all students, faculty, and employees must receive the new COVID vaccine by the end of November.

The email from the Texas-based college sent on Sept. 28 claims the vaccine is “an important tool to protect yourself and others from the effects of COVID” despite admitting “protection” from the previous COVID shot “fades over time.”

“An updated COVID vaccine has been approved by the FDA and is now available,” the email states. “A single dose is recommended for individuals 6 months and older. Because protection from prior vaccination fades over time and this updated vaccine better matches the currently circulating strains, the updated dose is recommended.”

“Baylor faculty, staff and students must get the COVID vaccine, or request a medical, religious or personal exemption, and complete attestation by Nov. 30.”

Baylor isn’t the only institution to recently impose COVID mandates.

The Providence hospital network earlier this month also announced COVID vaccine mandates for caregivers requiring them to receive the “updated” COVID shot.

These vaccine mandates come despite voluminous data showing the COVID shot doesn’t prevent infection or the spread of COVID.

Joe Biden on Wednesday scolded the American people for questioning the COVID shot.

“We have a new strain of COVID now, and we have answers for it,” Biden insisted, further stating “I just would urge those in public life and both political parties or no political party to be cautious about the ac- — the sometimes inflammatory things you say about this, because people’s lives are at stake.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) also recently encouraged New Yorkers to take the new COVID shot, admitting that the previous COVID jabs did nothing to protect them from the coronavirus.

Keep in mind, the new COVID variants produce only mild symptoms.

Senseless and authoritarian vaccine mandates will only end when the people push back against this medical tyranny by supposed scientific healthcare institutions.

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