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The Top 40 under 40 list is always one of our favorite features of the year, and it seems to be popular with readers as well. The most obvious reason is that most people enjoy learning about inspirational, uplifting people in the Richmond area and the selfless ways they make our city a better place.

However, this particular Top 40 under 40 class almost didn’t make it.

Originally, we called for nominations near the start of summer 2021. We had picked most of the winners and were getting ready to produce the issue when Style Weekly was shut down in early September of last year. All of a sudden there was not only no Top 40 under 40 list, there was no paper. I went from running an alt. weekly publication every day to fielding calls from people who wanted to buy Style and others who just wanted to take over things like the Top 40 under 40 issue. It was a clear reminder of how appreciated the feature had become.

Now Style is back online, under new ownership, and we’re finally getting to run what would’ve been the Top 40 under 40 Class of 2021 … now forever to be known as the Top 40 under 40 Class of 2022. (To anybody who aged out of the competition in the intervening months and didn’t make it, we sincerely apologize.)

But the kind of folks included here don’t do what they do for awards or praise. They do it because they care about other people and they believe in their work. So here’s to another great class of winners. Cheers and thanks for everything you do!–B.B.

Cat Anthony, 35
Executive director, Virginia Capital Trail Foundation

Cassie Baudean, 33
Director of policy and strategic operations, Children’s Home Society of Virginia

Annette Bennett, 38
CEO and research director, Clinical Research Partners

Jimmy Budd, 39
Executive producer, RVA Fashion Week

Kelly Cannon, 38
Senior director, Virginia Healthcare & Hospital Association Foundation

Pragya Chaurasia, 39
President and CEO of Yours Truly, In Home Care

Joanna Cirillo, 33
Nurse supervisor at Richmond City Health district and COVID operations manager

Eva Colen, 38
Senior policy advisor and manager of the Office of Children and Families, City of Richmond

Nick Davis, 37
Founder of Sidekick RVA, owner of Nick Davis Photography

Joell Denison, 31
Former senior director of programs and training, Richmond Justice Initiative

Kelsey Dunn, 28
Director of education, The Next Move Program

John Emery, 36
President of Southside Medical Center and Southern Virginia Medical Center

Lucas Fritz, 33
Owner and talent buyer, Broadberry Entertainment Group

Charley Gates, 39
President, I am RVA

Goad Gatsby, 36
Citizen journalist and activist

Kennedy George, 16 and Ava Holloway, 15
Co-founders and CEOs, Brown Ballerinas for Change

Jim Giudice, 35
Chief legal officer and general counsel, Credova Financial

Shadae Harris, 39
Chief engagement officer, Richmond Public Schools

Brandon Horton, 32
Founder, Driveway Drag Show

Lisa Hutchinson, 37
Owner, TopStitch Mending

Taya Jarman, 39
Communication director, Institute for Public Health Innovations

Brandon Jarvis, 30
Journalist and founder, Virginia Scope

Chauncey Jenkins, 32
Former general manager, Common House, General manager, Brun

Emily Lehmann, 39
Assistant vice president of day and respite services, SOAR365

Stephanie Lim, 36
Vice president of strategy, neuroscience and innovation, HCA Healthcare Capital Division

Anne Lloyd, 39
Former Deputy Solicitor General of Virginia, Senior managing counsel for Twitter

Nicole Mason, 39
Founder, Glean Cleaning Services, LLC

Kelley McCall, 38
Senior VP of leadership, community and resource development, ChamberRVA

Victor McKenzie, Jr., 29
Executive director of SAARA of Virginia and Secretary of Virginia’s Opioid Abatement Authority

Zach Mulcahey, 25
Deputy director of children’s programs, CodeVA

Maritza Mercado Pechin, 39
Deputy director, Office of Equitable Development, City of Richmond

J.C. Poma, 33
Vice president of community relations, Richmond Region Tourism

Joseph Rogers, 31
Manager of partnerships and community engagement, Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Garrett Sawyer, 35
Senior vice president of people development, WayForth

David Vaamonde, 31
Vice president of data analytics, Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association

Kristen Turso-Whitlow, 35
Program manager for My Path Forward, Children’s Home Society of Virginia

Faith Wilkerson, 39
Owner and founder, UnlockingRVA

Briana Williams, 32
Founder and CEO, LipLoveLine

Adrienne Wright, 39
CEO of U-Turn, President, Collaboratory of Virginia

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