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A female to male transgender daycare worker in California was sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday for sexually abusing children under her care, with the defendant’s attorney blaming the woman’s testosterone treatment for the surge in her libido.

In a press release, the Department of Justice detailed the abhorrent crimes of child sex abuser Jace Wong, 29, reportedly born as Robyn Danielle Wong, who prosecutors described as “a sys­tem­atic preda­tor of tod­dler and preschool aged chil­dren” whose con­duct was “among the worst imag­in­able.” The DOJ refers to Wong as “he” throughout their statement, and they do not mention her gender transition.

Wong pleaded guilty to the charges on April 24, 2023. According to his plea agreement, Wong admitted that beginning March 19, 2021, while he was employed at a daycare facility in San Francisco, he surreptitiously took sexually explicit photos and videos of prepubescent minors at the facility while they were going to the bathroom. Wong acknowledged that the children were approximately four to six years old and that the photos and videos he captured depicted the prepubescent minors’ genitalia. Wong admitted that he distributed those videos and images online in group chats and in private messages.

Wong admitted in his plea agreement that between August 2019 and December 2020, he worked at a separate daycare center in Livermore, Calif., where he took at least three videos of the prepubescent minors in his care. The victims were approximately three to four years old. He posted photos and videos of his victims on the dark web in October and December 2020. Wong admitted that these videos contained hands-on sexual contact. He stopped recording these videos when the victims moved away from him. Further, Wong admitted that he possessed and distributed visual depictions of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct, including at least one video of material containing child sexual abuse. Wong was arrested after he sent a video containing child pornography to an undercover officer and investigators were able to deduce where the video was created.

Prosecutors described how Wong worked at Mission Neighborhood Centers day care in San Francisco between March 2021 and April 2021 where she “took photos and videos of children ages 4 to 6 as they used the bathroom and shared the videos in online group chats and messages,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

“After victimizing at least six children in total, Wong was arrested after he sent a child pornography video of a girl using the bathroom at Mission Neighborhood Centers to an undercover officer in April 2021, according to prosecutors and the sentencing memo,” the Bee adds.

The San Francisco Standard reports:

Officers were able to identify Wong and his location through his cellphone and arrest him. Officers also discovered the black-and-white tiled bathroom in which the child was standing in the childcare facility. Other videos and images from that bathroom were also discovered, prosecutors said.

Wong used the social media app Kik to join an online group called “Younger love [heart emoji] [heart emoji]” that shared the images. Wong also showed agents a hidden file on his phone with 428 media files, “many of which contained videos and images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct,” according to the FBI.

The Mercury News broke down Wong’s disturbing quotes made on the Kik Messenger app:

The U.S. Attorney’s office quotes Wong extensively throughout a sentencing memo as admitting to molesting kids in grotesque detail. In one such post, Wong wrote, “I just pretend I’m having trouble changing their diaper” while molesting kids in front of others. Wong then went on to say, “the parents should stop sending their kids to school in tight pants,” court records show.

Prosecutor Assistant U.S. Attorney Kelsey Davidson added, “Not only did he victimize the children by touching them and taking photos and videos, but the defendant also compounded the harm by distributing the photos and videos on the internet.”

During sentencing, Wong’s attorney argued she suffered from Triple X syndrome and that complications from her rare medical condition combined with testosterone treatments she was using during her gender transition created a “recipe for disaster.”

“While the hor­monal im­bal­ances brought about by this ex­oge­nous testos­terone are not well un­der­stood, the sud­den on­set of li­bido, sex­ual urges, and sex­ual im­pulses would be ‘ex­tremely dis­or­ga­niz­ing for girls with this dis­or­der,” a defense expert reportedly stated during the trial.

In her plea agreement Wong admitted to previously working at the Cape Inc. daycare in Livermore from Aug. 2019 and Dec. 2020, when she reached out to medical group Kaiser Permanente seeking “a way to lower my li­bido with­out low­er­ing my testos­terone in­take.”

Wong’s attorneys wrote, “It is ar­guable that the med­ical pro­fes­sion­als in­volved in [Wong’s] gen­der tran­si­tion should have ex­er­cised greater over­sight and pro­vided more guid­ance to this, at the time, young woman about the po­ten­tial bi­o­log­i­cal in­ter­ac­tions of testos­terone and [her] ge­netic dis­or­der.”

Additionally, as reported by San Francisco Public Safety News, they argued, “The in­tro­duc­tion of ex­oge­nous testos­terone as a re­sult of the gen­der tran­si­tion [Wong] un­der­went at the age of 22 was noth­ing short of med­ically dis­as­trous. [Wong] reached out to [her] doc­tors for help in Oc­to­ber 2020, but the con­ver­gence of these med­ical fac­tors con­tributed to a col­li­sion of sex­ual urges that [Wong] was un­able to ef­fec­tively con­trol. De­fen­dant be­came more vul­ner­a­ble to poor de­ci­sion-mak­ing and harm­ful be­hav­ior.”

During sentencing, the U.S. Dis­trict Judge James Do­nato remarked in disgust about Wong’s abhorrent conduct, stating “This is a hor­rific case…In nine years on the bench this is the first case I’ve had that in­volved the ac­tual phys­i­cal abuse of chil­dren and, in that sense, it is the gravest and the most se­ri­ous and most rep­re­hen­si­ble crime that I have seen with re­spect to child pornog­ra­phy.”

According to the DOJ, “Wong has been in custody since his arrest in April of 2021. He will begin serving his prison term immediately.”

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