Trump ‘Attempting to Organize His Domestic Terrorists’ By Calling For Protest of Indictment

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) melted down over former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social post calling for his supporters to protest his expected indictment next week, claiming he’s trying to “organize his domestic terrorists.”

“[M]ost people have never seen or believed that we would have a President who has acted in the way that he has, who has disrespected the Constitution of the United States of America, who has lied, who has tried to organize domestic terrorists, and some believe that he did organize them as they attacked our Capitol on January 6,” Waters said on MSNBC’s “Saturday Show.”

“When he announces himself, it’s almost like he’s attempting to organize his domestic terrorists to show up and to resist him being arrested. You have to be careful with him.”

“I just wanted to have you…understand that perhaps, he was trying to organize domestic terrorists to protest his arrest. And I think we have to be careful about him making that announcement. He’s doing it for a reason,” she added.

Trump had blasted the reported forthcoming indictment as a “highly political” stunt by a George Soros-backed Manhattan DA and called on supporters to protest to “take our nation back.”

“Illegal leaks from a corrupt and highly political Manhattan District Attorneys office, which has allowed new records to be set in violent crime and whose leader is funded by George Soros, indicate that, with no crime being able to be proven, and based on an old and fully debunked (by numerous other prosecutors) fairytale, the far and away leading Republican candidate and former President of the United States of America, will be ARRESTED on Tuesday of next week,” Trump posted.

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