Trump Slams Biden & ‘Corrupt Washington Establishment’ At CPAC 2022 – NewsWars

Former President Donald Trump is speaking live at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2022 in Orlando, Florida on Saturday.

Trump slammed Joe Biden and the “corrupt political establishment” over their weakness related to Ukraine and Russia.

“The problem is not that Putin is smart which of course he’s smart,” Trump said. “The problem is that our leaders are dumb.”

“[The Ukrainian crisis] is an outrage and it should never have been allowed to occur, we are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them all,” he said, adding that it never would have happened had he been president.

He also blasted Hillary Clinton for “spying” on him while he was president at the White House, and hinted at a presidential run in 2024.

“These are vicious people,” Trump said. “On November 2024 they will find out. We did it twice and we’ll do it again, we’re going to be doing it again a third time.”

“We are bringing back our country and we are bringing back our freedom.”

“We’re going to kick the Biden crime family out of the White House in 2024,” he added.

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