Trump Slams “Radical Leftists” Using Jan 6 As Pretext For “Federal Takeover of State Election Laws”

President Donald J. Trump issued a statement on Friday, criticizing Thursday’s January 6 grandstanding by the Democrats and mainstream media.

The left spent the entire day pushing false narratives about the infamous incident, milking the debacle for political gain by comparing it to the 9/11 attacks and Pearl Harbor.

The 45th president called out Joe Biden, his “handlers” and Congressional Democrats in the blistering letter.

Trump called the political stunts “the last gasps of a corrupt and discredited left-wing political and media establishment that has, for decades, driven our country into the ground—shipping away our jobs, surrendering our strength, sacrificing our sovereignty, attacking our history and values, and trying to turn America into a country that our people can barely recognize.”

He said Washington D.C.’s “radical leftists” only care about “control over you, and wealth and riches for themselves.”

“The Donald” noted the American people have lost trust in most Democrats and that they will soon be overwhelmingly voted out of power.

Of course, voting the “Swamp Creatures” out will not even be possible if the left’s current crusade against election integrity continues.

“Joe Biden’s voice is now the voice of desperation and despair,” Trump declared. “His handlers gave him that speech to read yesterday because they know the unprecedented failures of his presidency and the left-wing extremism of the Pelosi-Schumer Congress have destroyed the Democrat Party.”

The former POTUS also called out Biden for divisively “slandering his political opponents as domestic terrorists, just like insecure dictators do in communist countries.”

Detailing the Democrat agenda being pushed in the name of January 6, Trump explained they are now engaged in “outrageous attacks on free speech, widespread censorship, de-platforming, calls for increased domestic surveillance, appalling abuse of political prisoners, labeling opponents of COVID lockdowns and mandates as national security threats, and even ordering the FBI to target parents who object to the radical indoctrination of their children in school.”

In addition to the aforementioned assaults on American freedom, the establishment is now trying to pass an unconstitutional federal takeover of state election laws.

“They are trying to BAN voter ID and other basic measures that can ensure the sacred integrity of the vote,” Trump wrote. “The reason the Democrats are doing all of this is not because they believe they will win a fair and honest election. It’s because they know they will overwhelmingly LOSE one.”

“Joe Biden and the Radical Democrats have failed on every front. But do not lose hope. America WILL be Great Again,” the statement concluded.

Owen comments on the latest statement from President Trump.

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