Trump Suggests Presidential Announcement is Imminent

During an interview with an Indian television station, Donald Trump suggested that his 2024 presidential announcement was imminent.

Asked by the host of NDTV if he was “set to run” in 2024, Trump all but confirmed it.

“I’m leading in the polls, and every poll – Republican polls and Democrat polls. I’ll make a decision in the very near future, I suspect. And I think that a lot of people are going to be very happy,” said Trump.

The former president went on to joke that “a couple of people will be unhappy” with his announcement.

Previous reports suggested Trump was set to announce his candidacy as early as July, speculation that was bolstered after it was revealed that his campaign plane had received a new paint job.

It remains to be seen whether Trump waits until after the mid-terms to drop the big announcement, although for him to prolong it for another few months seems like quite the stretch.

Despite the FBI raid on Trump representing a political hit job designed to prevent him from running, it appears to have given Republicans more conviction to vote for him.

However, Trump is likely to face a strong challenge in the primaries from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who many Republicans think will have a better chance of beating Biden or whoever runs for the Democrats.



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