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Tucker Carlson hilariously celebrated Thursday at the development that CNN+, the network’s subscriber service, is dead just a month after it launched and declared itself to be some kind of new frontier in news.

After reports that CNN+ staffers were left traumatised by the development, huddling together for comfort, Carlson noted how “The house eunuch,” Brian Stelter had spent the day gloating about the fall of Netflix, only to be later prescribed a dose of his own medicine.

Talking about Netflix, Stelter said “I think what happened for Netflix for a while, they were high on their own supply. They believed they were the future of everything, everything was going to be streaming all the time. And maybe that’s not quite true.”

Mimicking Stelter’s comments on Netflix, Carlson said of CNN+ “They were high on their own supply. They convinced them of something that was implausible. They told themselves lies”.

Carlson noted how CNN’s brass had fantasised about the long-term potential of CNN+ and proclaimed “viewers didn’t agree! Even though CNN+ went on to air several bombshell exclusive interviews including one with Tony Fauci where he said he’s for mask mandates. And yet weirdly nobody watched.”


Later on Carlson ridiculed former Fox host Chris Wallace who moved to CNN+ to anchor the now dead subscriber channel:

Another nugget of gold to emerge from the demise of CNN+ is that apparently execs within Warner Bros. Discovery had begun referring to it as ‘CNN-‘ during meetings with incoming CNN head Chris Licht.


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