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Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster posted a video Monday providing over an hour’s worth of footage showing the horrific conditions the citizens of Mariupol, Ukraine are currently living under.

Lancaster and other press members are seen assisting the suffering people with food, water and medicine as explosions ring out in the background throughout the tragic video.

Some locals detailed horrifying stories of Ukrainian troops murdering innocent civilians while claiming the Russians have left them alone.

Those who wished to leave and become refugees were offered help with fleeing the city.

Perhaps because Mariupol is a DPR city and is seen by Ukraine as a rebellious region, the locals said they have received little to no humanitarian aid.

This is especially true when comparing areas around Kiev, which is flooded with press and activists.

Another Monday report posted by Lancaster captured a burning home said by locals to have been hit by a Ukrainian attack.

“Sure it’s them!” a crying woman said as she watched her house in flames.

A man who was injured in the bombing was asked to provide a message to Ukraine or world leaders, and he said, “We don’t have anything against regular citizens of Ukraine, and those who are against Russia and support the government of Zelensky. I don’t wish them to go through the same, but they should turn their backs to their government.”

Another Lancaster special report, posted Tuesday, detailed the intense battles taking place in Mariupol’s port of the Azov Sea.

One man described being told by the Ukrainian military to abandon his home and go to a nearby school only for that school to be destroyed by shelling the next night.

When asked if this was a coincidence, the man answered, “I don’t just think, these are facts,” but did note that no troops Ukrainian or Russian have treated him wrong.

A young couple who have been living in their basement with their two-year-old child told Lancaster they haven’t encountered any Ukrainian troops, but that DPR soldiers gave them food and baby supplies.

The people in Mariupol certainly made their disdain for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy known to the camera.

Lancaster also revealed on Monday that a Ukrainian missile strike landed in a Russian town he sent his family to in order to be safe during the war.

The shell hit just down the street from where his wife and kids are staying.

Patrick Lancaster isn’t the only journalist braving the dangerous Ukraine-Russia conflict, as seen in the following report by video journalist Maximilian Clarke.

Similar to the citizens appearing in Lancaster’s videos, dozens of interviews are now surfacing where Ukrainians describe what they’ve seen during the deadly conflict.

One man interviewed recently accused Ukrainian military members of “stealing people’s cars and killing people on their way to fetch water.”

A woman alleged her parents’ apartment burned down, saying, “Mom was burned alive in the apartment, Dad, thank God, got out. I only found out yesterday that my mother was burned alive.”

The apartment was said to have been set on fire by the Ukrainian military, who she said: “are not humans.”

A Mariupol resident described people being shelled by Ukrainian equipment when there was no Russian military in sight.

Asked if the Ukraine military hates the people of Mariupol, a weeping woman said, “Yes, of course! They said if we retreat, ‘we will wipe the city off.’”

An American woman who spent the last month in Mariupol claimed her friend witnessed Ukrainian troops shooting at the house he was in.

A man who was supposedly acting as a medic in the 93rd Ukrainian Brigade described leaving around 20 to 30 wounded soldiers behind.

An allegedly captured Russian soldier was filmed admitting to shooting a woman who wouldn’t “go to another room” and killing two men who couldn’t pronounce a word correctly.

For a glimpse into the mindset of a made person who may support these war crimes, take a look a the following 2014 interview with Ukrainian journalist Bogdan Boutkevitch advocating for 1.5 million people in the Donbas region to be exterminated.

He said the area is “overpopulated with people nobody has any use for.”

This is how the neo-Nazi nationalists in Ukraine see the people of the DPR and LPR.

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