Update – Over a DOZEN School Shooting False Alarms Across Nation in 3 Days!

Update (9/14/22): We discovered at least four more false school shootings in Texas and Virginia that took place Tuesday we missed in our previous report yesterday, and learned of several additional false active shooter threats that happened in other states Wednesday.

NBC DFW had a round-up of multiple fake active shooter threats reported across Texas Tuesday in an article titled, “Threats Received at Several Texas High Schools Tuesday.”

In addition to the two schools in Houston and Waco we mentioned in our report below, NBC DFW reported active shooter “false calls” occurred at Lincoln High School in Dallas, Connally High School in Pflugerville, and Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School Fort Worth.”

“The individual who posted the threats has been identified and an investigation is underway,” the Fort Worth district said, according to NBCDFW. “The individual was not in possession of any weapons, and an adult caretaker is assisting us with the investigation.”

Another false alarm also reportedly happened Tuesday in Austin, Texas, at Eanes ISD.


An anonymous phone call prompted additional security at Cedar Creek Elementary School in Eanes ISD, a district spokesperson told KXAN. School continued and students remained inside and safe, the district said.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the Adult Transition Services building and Hill Country Middle School were placed on Secure protocol. Law enforcement will continue to investigate the validity of the threat and, out of precaution, will have a presence tomorrow [Wednesday] at and around the schools,” Eanes ISD said.

The spokesperson said the threat was reported around 12 p.m. Tuesday.

Interestingly, KXAN reports an Eanes ISD spokesperson claimed they were “told there were more than a dozen similar anonymous threats to schools throughout the state, of which none were deemed credible.”

Schools in Lunenburg County Virginia were also locked down Monday after reports of a threat.

More from NBC12.com:

Lunenburg County Public Schools said it closed on Monday after the sheriff’s office was notified of a school system threat.

Lunenburg Superintendent Charles Berkley told NBC12 that the closure stemmed from a school shooting threat on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office says they received the threat Sunday morning and promptly notified the school division. The decision was made to close the school and all activities to err on caution.

On Wednesday, more active shooter hoaxes happened in California, Maryland, and West Virginia.

In California, Lancaster High School in Lancaster, Bullard High School in Fresno, and Bishop Diego High School in Santa Barbara all experienced fake shooting threats on the same day.

Also Wednesday, Jackson County Schools in West Virginia had increased law enforcement presences after threats made on Twitter.

“Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger said the threat originated in the state of Texas and did not appear to be directed at any school in West Virginia,” reports WV Metro News.

“However, a student in Jackson County shared the threat with law enforcement out of fear something might be imminent. The alleged threat took on a life of its own on social media, fueled by rumors and inaccurate information. According to Mellinger there was NO threat to any West Virginia Schools…but the law enforcement presence will be there as a precaution due to rampant rumors on social media.”

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Montgomery County, Maryland was also put on lockdown Wednesday, after reports of a gun on campus.

So, for anyone that’s keeping count, that’s at least 16 false school shooting reports that we know of so far.

Read the original story from Tuesday, Sept. 13 below…

Numerous schools across the nation from California to Indiana to Georgia experienced active shooter false alarms and hoax threats Tuesday.

The multiple school shooting hoaxes coincidentally came on the same day as the start of Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook defamation trial, and as the trial of alleged Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school shooter Nikolas Cruz continues.

On Tuesday, Hollywood High School in Los Angeles was placed on lockdown after false reports of an active shooter.

“Los Angeles School Police said they got reports of an active shooter in progress at the school with six victims down. LAPD and LA School police officers searched the school looking for victims and suspects, but found nothing,” reported CBS News.

Updating parents the incident was a false alarm, Los Angeles schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho tweeted, “Recent reports of a critical incident at Hollywood high school are unfounded and, after swift law enforcement response and internal individual classroom verification, we are deeming the incident as a hoax.”

A similar false threat happened at a Switzerland County school in Indiana Tuesday.

“On 9/13/22, the Switzerland Co. Sheriff’s Office received information of a potential school shooting threat made via social media,” local law enforcement wrote in a Facebook post. “A suspect has been identified and is currently detained pending further investigation. Switzerland County School officials have been notified of the situation.”

“At this time, no active threat is believed to exist and schools remain on their normal schedule.”

Over in Texas at a high school in Houston, ABC13.com reported similar happenings Tuesday, with the Houston Chronicle deeming the false threat a “hoax call.”

“Law enforcement officers responded to a report of an active shooter at a Heights-area high school, but authorities say the report was a false alarm,” reported ABC13.com.

“The situation all centered around Houston ISD’s Heights High School located at 413 E. 13th Street on Tuesday afternoon, according to Harris County Pct. 1.”

Northwest of Houston at Waco High School in Waco, police declared an all-clear Tuesday after investigating an active shooter threat.

“Waco PD received a report of a shooting in a classroom at a Waco High. Waco ISD says this claim does not appear to be credible, however, law enforcement is in the process of clearing the building,” reported Fox44News.com.

A Clayton County middle school in Georgia also went on lockdown Tuesday after someone called in a fake active shooter threat.

“Clayton County Public Schools is aware of a police presence in the area of Kendrick Middle School. Please be advised that there has not been a shooting,” the district wrote on Twitter. “Officers are currently investigating an alleged 911 hang-up call from within the community.”

On Monday, parents of Wellington High School students in Florida also experienced an active shooter scare.

BocaPost.com reported:

As is the norm, Social Media flooded with reports of a “Code Red: Full Lockdown” at Wellington High School. Many concerned parents took to Social Media to find answers. Unfortunately, as is the norm, Social Media fed the rumors and panic.

Sources close to the incident tell Boca Post that a 9-1-1 call was placed to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue regarding a school shooting at Wellington High School shortly after 2 PM on Monday, September 12th, 2022. The caller, who was identified as the mother of a student, says her daughter texted her that someone was shooting at the school.

As a result of that 9-1-1 call, PBCFR and PBSO initiated a large response and the school was placed on a Code Red lockdown. It is unclear if the school was placed on lockdown prior to that call.

Boca Post has learned that PBCFR immediately treated the incident as a level 1 mass casualty incident. The first responding deputies and fire rescue personnel quickly assessed the scene as safe, stating that there were no shooting victims and no shooting. The large response was canceled and the scene cleared shortly after.

The series of fake school shooting threats come as two major school shooting cases play out in court, the trial of alleged Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooter Nikolas Cruz, accused of murdering 17 students, and the Sandy Hook defamation trial of Alex Jones in Connecticut.

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