Vice President of German Parliament Calls for Autopsies of People Who Died following Covid Jab

The vice president of the German Bundestag has called for immediate investigations into deaths that occur within two weeks of receiving a Covid vaccination.

“I think it is essential that every unexplained death that occurs within 14 days after a vaccination is automatically registered as a suspected case with the Paul Ehrlich Institute,” Bundestag VP Wolfgang Kubicki told German newspaper Die Welt last week. “This is obviously not the case yet.”

Die Welt reports the parliamentary vice president, elected to office in 2017 and re-elected in 2021, referenced a study conducted by Peter Schirmacher, chief pathologist at the Heidelberg University Clinic, in which researchers found 30 percent of deaths examined happened “shortly after the vaccination,” and “that vaccination was the cause of death.”

“We are talking about a relevant number that makes it necessary to approach this problem systematically,” Kubicki explained, adding autopsies should “regularly” be carried out by health authorities if a person dies within two weeks of a jab.

“That also makes sense because the conditional approval of these vaccines took place under enormous time pressure,” acknowledged the parliamentary leader.

Addressing Kubicki’s push for more data, Bundestag Union health policy advisor Tino Sorge (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) agreed the results of Schirmacher’s research required further investigation.

German news outlet Bild discussed Kubicki’s calls for further investigation into possible vaccine-related deaths and the alarming results of Schirmacher’s study.

“Two years after the first corona vaccination, it is high time for a more open approach to vaccination side effects and vaccination damage,” Sorge told Die Welt. “The study (by Peter Schirmacher d. Red.) is worrying – also because it shows how little we know about the risks of the vaccines even after two years.”

Speaking to Die Welt last week, Schirmacher said his study highlights the various “unanswered questions” surrounding vaccination and the multitude of variables that could affect adverse outcomes.

“There are important unanswered questions that should be clarified either through comprehensive registration of all undesirable effects or as part of further research in the sense of vaccination improvement, vaccination indication and civil protection,” says Schirmacher: “Are there any genetic factors or certain previous illnesses – for example Autoimmune diseases – that predispose to severe vaccination consequences? Vaccination consequences are vaccine-dependent – but which characteristics and components of the vaccine determine this? Do certain types of application play a role?”

“For example, there are hypotheses that an unintentional vascular injection could also play a role in serious vaccination side effects, such as myocarditis,” Die Welt noted.

“Our study shows,” Schirmacher continued, “that fatal heart muscle inflammation can occur as a result of mRNA vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and that it shows a typical, uniform picture.”

“The possibility that one can die from it is also a proven fact.”


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