Video Thread: On-The-Ground Ukraine War Footage

Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster has been boldly covering the ongoing war in Ukraine from the perspective of the Donbas people and Russian military.

Lancaster urges the people of the world to examine reporting from both sides of the conflict in order to receive a well-rounded version of what’s happening as we navigate through the fog of war.

Footage uploaded Thursday shows the aftermath of heavy shelling in the city of Mariupol.

Another video shows citizens claiming the Ukrainian military shelled a church and school.

Refugees who fled Mariupol told Lancaster their stories, like one woman who described the Ukrainian military shooting at citizens trying to leave the city.

In the basement of a school in Mariupol, Lancaster documented a civilian woman who was said to have been tortured by Ukrainian Azov troops who painted a Swastika onto her stomach with blood.

Warning: Graphic Footage

An extremely upset woman known as Grandma Ira told the reporter about how the Ukrainian forces supposedly use citizens as human shields against Russian attacks.

“Stop Zelensky! Stop it for the children, for the old people!” she shouted.

In the center of Donetsk, Ukrainian forces were said to have opened fire on the civilian population in the city.

After asking a pair of civilians where the shelling came from, they acknowledged it was the “Ukrainian side”, and when Lancaster questioned if they could have been targeting a Russian military facility, one woman answered, “No. They shoot civilians all the time now.”

In a special report he called “Hell on Earth”, Lancaster documented the suffering citizens in the Mariupol City Center who voiced their disdain for America and the UK.

Away from the Mariupol City Center, Lancaster captured a tragic video of elderly citizens being evacuated from their homes.

Citizens fleeing the city told Lancaster about the Ukrainian military “smoking” them out by throwing incendiary devices at houses.

The confused woman understandably could not comprehend why she was being targeted by her own countrymen.

More Mariupol citizens voiced their newfound hatred for Ukraine President Zelensky, one man saying he “be damned.”

Another citizen said he personally witnessed a Ukrainian tank stop in the street and fire at a nine-story building.

Watch more of Lancaster’s reporting by CLICKING HERE to be taken to

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