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Video posted to social media shows cadets at U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado going nuts at the arrival of Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, in stark contradiction to how troops reacted when the sitting president visited them.

Musk spoke to the troops on Thursday as part of Academy’s Ira C. Eaker Lecture Series. He spoke about being an innovator and took questions.

When Musk was introduced, the cadets went wild, standing and raising chairs above their heads:

The welcome Musk received came in the week that he made headlines for buying a significant stake in Twitter, following several posts suggesting he will attempt to restore free speech to the platform:

Woke Twitter figures released a statement in response to the development vowing to continue to censor and not to reverse any previous decisions to suspend prominent figures including President Trump.

While it appeared Musk had taken a place on the board of the company, it now seems that won’t be happening at all:

Musk’s apparent reversal prompted rumours that he opted not to take a seat on the board because he plans to buy even more shares in an effort to gain outright control, something he wouldn’t have been legally able to do if he was a board member.

So far Musk has Musk floated the notion of transforming Twitter’s HQ into a “homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway,” due to a permanent work from home option.

Compare Musk’s reaction among troops to a recent visit by Joe Biden:

Remember when Biden called troops “stupid bastards” because they were completely unenthused to see him?

Biden also told a Coast Guard Academy that they were “really dull” for not being enthused by his speech:


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