Watch: Ukraine-Russia War Footage Compilation

This article will be updated with videos from the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the fighting continues.

Snapchat footage shows what life is like for the average Ukrainian dealing with the Russian invasion.

A Ukrainian citizen films Russian tanks and other military vehicles as they convoy into Kherson.

This video is said to show the aftermath of an air raid in a central Ukrainian city.

A Russian missile reportedly hits an airport in a Western Ukraine city.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy encourages citizens of Russia to plead with their government to stop the invasion and war in Ukraine.

Russian citizens protest the war in Ukraine across major cities.

Video of an unknown origin shows the aftermath of a skirmish in the Ukraine. Identity of soldiers’ or tanks’ nationality is unknown.

Video from an unknown source shows what appears to be Ukrainian citizens huddled indoors as military aircraft fire missiles into nearby buildings.

Raw invasion footage out of Ukraine.

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