Where To Live In The City Of Richmond Va | Exploring The City Of Richmond Virginia

This video is dedicated solely to the City of Richmond Va, and in it we explore 7 areas around the city where you could live. You will get to see The Fan, The Musuem District, Church Hill, Northside, The West End, Forest Hill, and Westover Hills. We will show you what’s nearby these areas, tell you about the pros and cons of each area, explain the differences, inform you about the real estate market, and more. So if you are looking to learn more about the City of Richmond, this is the video for you!

We start off by telling you all about The Fan & The Musuem District. These are the two most popular areas in the city, and when locals think about living in the city of Richmond these are what come to mind first. Both The Musuem District and The Fan will deliver similar housing results. Ultimately we like the location of The Musuem District a little bit better because of it’s proximity to Carytown & Scott’s Addition. But we actually like the homes offered in The Fan better than those of the Musuem District. That said, you can’t go wrong with either especially if you are looking for historic, charming homes in two of the most walkable areas of Richmond.

After that we take you through The West End of Richmond City. We call this area the suburbs of the city because all of the homes have much larger yards than what you will typically find in The Fan & The Musuem District. Plus the eastern edge of The West End benefits the same from it’s proximity to Scott’s Addition & Carytown. We did another video focused only on The West End so if this area appeals to you be sure to check that one out.

The prior 3 areas were some of the most expensive within the city, and from this point on all of the areas continue to decrease in average price. Next up is Westover Hills & Forest Hill which will feel very similar to The West End. You have excellent proximity to Forest Hill Park and the James River Park System, plus the area has it’s own nearby amenities within walking distance.

Next we visit Church Hill which will deliver a similar experience to The Fan and Musuem District, albeit at a cheaper price. There aren’t as many walkable amenities as those areas, but Church Hill is far from lacking. This is a very historic area with an average year built of 1911, and the average sale price is much lower sitting at $430 thousand dollars. So if you are wanting excellent proximity to downtown, walkability, and historic homes for an affordable price this is a great place to search.

Lastly we end with Northside. The Northside area is a very mixed bag due to the large geographic area that it covers. There are multiple “sections” within it just like The West End, and each has it’s own unique flavor offered in terms of house style, and characteristics. The amenities within Northside itself are lacking compared to all of the other areas, but it is the cheapest area to buy in this video so there is always some give and take regarding price, house, and location.

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00:00 Intro
01:43 What’s Nearby/Living in the City
03:53 Musuem District
05:00 The Fan
06:05 The West End
07:40 Westover Hills & Forest Hill
09:21 Church Hill
11:08 Northside
12:46 Outro


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