Who Appointed Rishi ‘Richer than the Royals’ [No Way] Sunak as UK Prime Minister? – David Icke

Another random unelected UK Prime Minister saunters into number 10. If you think this is an utter farce, a slapstick mess, a preposterous mockery of democracy and all our forefathers fought for, then, don’t worry – you are meant to. It’s all part of the show to trigger “change”, ultimately leading to a General Election – but not until infiltrating intelligence asset, Rishi Sunak has done his bit first.

Sunak is not a “politician” in any conventional sense but rather, he is an infiltrating asset of the deep state who has been manoeuvred into power on their behalf and to fulfil their requirements.

Rishi “richer than the Royals” Sunak presides over a huge fortune, with his personal wealth set at £730 million and his good lady wife’s, $1.2 billion. Why would such a fabulously wealthy man want to slum it in a glorified office job for £160k?

It is transparently obvious that Sunak is not occupying the highest office in the land for any reason but nefarious ones and to serve his real masters, whom – surely needless to say – are certainly not the British public. So, who is he really serving and why?

There was a very revealing piece in the Daily Mail which stated that Rishi Sunak studied at Stanford, but NONE of his professors remembers him!

If someone claims to have attended a university, yet none of their professors has any recollection of them having done so, what is the most likely explanation for this?

The most likely explanation is that they didn’t really “attend” – at least, not in the conventional sense – and that rather, this is part of a concocted backstory often given to spooks to conceal the time they spent in intelligence training. I remember a very similar scenario occurring with Barack Obama – that nobody at the university he claimed to have attended had any recollection of him.

Sunak was at Stanford on a top and highly sought-after scholarship – The Fulbright Scholarship – signifying great academic prowess. The Fulbright Scholarship is a sign someone has been identified as highly talented and is destined for greatness, with its alumni list a glittering who’s who of top politicians, literary stars, and other major establishment players. So, with this and other extraordinary credentials to Sunak’s name, is it really plausible that none of his professors remembered him?

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