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For five (5) days, from Monday January 9, 2023 to Friday January 13, 2023, the super-secret International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) will be conducting face-to-face meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of these meetings will be to finalize their report regarding the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.

The work done by the IHRRC is “confidential” and they answer directly to the Director General ONLY. Their work is likely to involve editing the 46 page proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations to eliminate the many typographical errors and redundancies that can be found in the current version.


These meetings will NOT be live streamed. The proceedings will not be available to the public. NO public comment period is scheduled. YOUR opinion regarding these amendments is NOT going to be considered. These rules are being negotiated by the members of the International Health Regulations Review Committee, who were chosen, not elected.

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