Why do you say this on Twitter/X, Mr Delingpole, but at the same time trash me on Telegram? How incredibly disingenuous – David Icke

I couldn’t care less, I have been persistently attacked and demonised for 34 years and I am used to it, but your lack of class and grace has exposed you for what you really are. I urge people to watch the recording to see what I mean.

We had this email from someone at the Delingpole event on Wednesday night. What a lack of class Delingpole reveals.

Just wanted to pass on huge thanks to your Dad for last night’s Delingpole live event. [Name] and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your Dad as always is such a gentleman.

I’m a bit sad today because James Delingpole on telegram has been rather critical of your Dad which I think is poor form to do that. And of course the root of it is lack of agreement on religion [I said that all religions are perceptual prisons of the mind and Delingpole is a Christian].

So of course everyone’s now on the thread calling out the usual – distraction, it’s a trap, your Dad’s a mason. It’s so tedious … now the suspicious side of [me] thinks is this some tactic to put people off listening to your Dad.

Regardless, this is what annoys me in the “awake” circles. People don’t seem to realise we can still have differences in opinion and beliefs even when we’re awake.

Anyway – I thought your Dad came across really well and please send my thanks and best regards to him. And goes without saying thanks for everything Ickonic does.’

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