Why Does Falun Gong “Love” Trump?

Falun Gong is a persecuted spiritual practice in China, victims of gang rape and organ harvesting at the hands of an authoritarian regime. But that’s a the story you might hear in mainstream media. Instead you might hear about how Falun Gong is Pro-Trump, or far right—that Falun Gong linked media companies like Epoch Times or NTD spread fake news. How did Falun Gong get wrapped up in US politics? Joining us today on China Unscripted is Levi Browde, the Executive Director of the Falun Dafa Information Center. This is a highlight from the full interview Falun Gong: The Biggest Threat to the CCP’s Power https://youtu.be/cHKdjNGqwhQ

Defiance in the Kingdom of Fake News: https://youtu.be/JrrRZ01SrOQ
Tiananmen Square Hoax: False Fire: https://youtu.be/tlhpGSygmpQ
What is Falun Gong and Why is it Persecuted? https://youtu.be/ayH0oyV5Xwo
Falun Dafa Information Center: https://faluninfo.net/


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