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Elon Musk’s offer to buy 100% of Twitter has prompted fresh speculation as to whether prominent banned public figures like Donald Trump and Alex Jones will be allowed back on the platform.

After Musk became Twitter’s largest individual shareholder earlier this month, the company was quick to issue a public statement asserting that their censorship policies won’t be changing.

This served as a clear indication that the likes of Trump and Jones, along with innumerable other victims of the censorship wave that characterized 2018 onwards, wouldn’t be returning to the platform.

However, now that Musk is in the running for a complete outright purchase of Twitter, the question of whether ‘the banned’ will make sensational comeback is being asked once again.

President Trump was banned by Twitter after the January 6 Capitol riot despite the fact that he did not call for or incite any kind of illegal activity, either in person or via Twitter.

Jones was banned by Twitter about a month after he was deplatformed by virtually every social media network in existence, a digital assassination that extended to banks, payment processors and numerous other platforms.

However, Twitter struggled to explain the reason for banning Jones, and did so primarily under intense pressure over the radio host being banned by everyone else.

Although Musk says his $54.20 per share gambit is his “best and final offer,” analysts suggest he would have to get a lot nearer to $100 per share to actually be in with shout of having an offer accepted.

As we highlighted earlier, Musk is attempting to buy Twitter in order to restore it as “the platform for free speech around the globe.”

Meanwhile, the mere prospect of anything like that happening means Twitter HQ must be in absolute meltdown today…



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