Woke Boston Mayor Michelle Wu finds her Instagram Live town hall flooded with critics of her strict vaccine mandates

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s social media town hall got highjacked this week by fed-up city residents and labor unions fuming over the new mayor’s strident vaccine and mask mandates – even as other cities and states around the US are loosening pandemic restrictions.

Wu, who took office just three months ago, upset many of her constituents with her vaccine passports and mandates for indoor dining, bars, businesses, schools, and city workers. 

She announced she does not plan to lift mask mandates for public schools at the end of February. 

The mandate, which Wu announced in December and came into effect late last month, has been highly controversial sparking teachers union strikes, complaints from restaurants and local businesses, and unrest among Bostonians.  

Some of those angry Beantowners expressed their frustrations this week when Wu held an social media town hall on InstagramLive – and welcomed comments from her constituents, telling them ‘I will answer any questions that you have.’

‘Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?’ one commenter immediately demanded to know. 

‘Please stop the indoor vaccine requirement mandate,’ wrote another. ‘It does nothing but discriminate and rob people of freedom.’

Despite her promise to answer questions, negative queries were ignored. 

Wu instead cooed about a tiger emoji that someone posted in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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