XI Unveils The New World Order – Exclusive Report

The communist tabloid “The Global Times” explains China’s Global Civilization Initiative as the third major global initiative presented by China after the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative.

The narrative deceptively claims the initiative calls for respect for the diversity of civilizations, upholding the common values of humanity in pursuing peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, and promoting robust international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation.

The emerging BRICS countries quickly fell in line to Xi’s illusion. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, said that he fully agrees with Xi’s initiative.

UN water-carrying Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also said, “….that nations should uphold the principles of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness and should, as Xi said, “let cultural exchanges transcend estrangement, mutual learning transcend clashes, and inclusiveness transcend any sense of superiority… equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness.”

Equality from a Chinese government that is conducting a mass genocidal sterilization campaign on the Uighers, mutual learning from a cover up of a global lab leak that has killed millions and damaged millions more through the initial virus and its subsequent vaccine, and dialogue and inclusiveness from a country where of the over 100 foreign journalists that took part in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China survey, 99% said that they felt working conditions did not meet international standards.

Almost half of respondents said that their offices were understaffed as they were unable to bring journalists into the country as authorities have delayed visa approvals.

88% of respondents who traveled to China’s northwestern Xinjiang region in 2021 said they were visibly followed, and 34% said that they were asked to delete data.

Once the layers of Propaganda are stripped off, that even American media gleefully engages in, Xi’s speech is laid bare for what it is.

The announcement of the impending emergence of a New World Order carefully constructed by globalist think tanks for decades.

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