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Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has a message for Attorney General Merrick Garland: get ready to go to jail for weaponizing the government against former President Trump.

Bannon predicted Tuesday on his show “War Room” that Garland and his Deep State accomplices will go to prison once Republicans take back power in Congress over the Justice Department’s politically motivated raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

“The FBI’s a Gestapo. Merrick Garland, you’re going to prison, brother,” Bannon said. “We’re gonna be so relentless when we take power this year on your impeachment. But then after your impeachment, we’re going to file criminal charges against you.”

Bannon then extended his warning to the Deep State sycophants, saying their attempts to stop the “MAGA movement” with “lawfare” won’t work.

“You people are pure and entire scum. You have weaponized this from the beginning,” Bannon said. “You’re trying to criminalize it against Trump. The only way you know you can stop MAGA and stop the ascendant movement of MAGA is quite simply: you’re going to try to use lawfare.”

“Well, it’s not going to work,” he continued. “We’re not going to tolerate it, ok? That’s it. We’re going to massively win at the polls, then we’re going to impeach you guys, then we’re going to put you in prison.”

“Because you people are a disgrace and what you’ve done here behind the scenes, your little sneaky thing on this presidential records, on this archives, is outrageous,” he added.

The Justice Department had refused to release the affidavit highlighting the underlying probable cause justifying the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid to obtain classified documents, but the judge who signed off on the search warrant rule the DOJ must release at least portions of the affidavit to assuage public concern that the raid was a political stunt to influence the midterm elections.

Garland has dismissed numerous opportunities to prove the basis of the FBI’s raid was not rooted in politics, but should have done so given the DOJ’s past political witch hunts against Trump, according to constitutional scholar Jonathon Turley.

From Turley’s column “How Merrick Garland Missed Four Chances To Earn The Public Trust on Mar-a-Lago“:

The indignation expressed by Garland in his public remarks seemed to ignore legitimate concerns over the DOJ’s motivations and record in past Trump-related investigations. Both the FBI and DOJ have documented histories of false court statements and bias against Trump, leading to the collapse of the Russia-collusion allegations and the firing of high-ranking officials.

Garland was aware of that history and the troubling context when he ordered the unprecedented raid on the home of a former president and the expected 2024 political opponent of President Biden. He may be justified in ordering it, but he cannot simply dismiss critics as unhinged extremists.

It is equally troubling that, at every earlier opportunity to make a modest step to assure such citizens, Garland has failed.

“So far, Garland has done little to earn the trust of almost half of the country. In this and other controversies, he has demanded respect but refused to take even modest measures to justify it,” he concluded.

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