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Good people, we need your help! As part of Style Weekly’s 40th anniversary year, we’re bringing back a popular feature from the early days called “You’re Very Richmond If … ” and we want your submissions for publication.

If you know anything about Richmond, you know that locals are proud of her peculiarities, while others have a love/hate relationship going on with the river city. By reading what people think makes someone “very Richmond” — it’s illuminating and hopefully worth a laugh or two … or at least an eye roll.

Good news: We’re expanding the deadline for submissions from the public through next Friday, Sept. 23. So you have one more week to get those little slivers of genius in to us. We’re looking for more clever, more funny, more RVA. You can do it. Note: If we choose your submission to be included, it will run with your name by it. Your prize? Prestige worldwide, flexing rights, making the world laugh — all priceless.

Please keep submissions relatively short; most should be a sentence or two, or three (or a small paragraph at the most). However, you can compile and send as many different ones as you like by email with the subject head “VERY RVA” to Please stack them in one email, you don’t need to send 22 different emails with one sentence each.

Here’s a few former examples from readers that ran in 2015:

You’re Very Richmond If …

“The second a drop of rain hits your windshield, you let go and let Jesus take the wheel.” — Nick Leveski

“You came for art school, stayed for the PBR.” — Sleeves Barnesafunks

“You’ve never been to the Metro Richmond Zoo.” — Shamoniki Ellison

“You are Tim Barry.” — Brandon Favaro

Still need inspiration? Read more from this 2015 issue. C’mon, send us your A-list material. Everybody’s doing it. And remember, life favors those who can laugh at themselves … or at least we do.

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