Youtube Bans Reporter for Exposing Balenciaga Pedo Promotion

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss being banned from YouTube for exposing the Balenciaga pedophilia promo coverup.

“They’ve already been exposed that they are doing this. And they are taking the position that ‘this is just some ridiculous conspiracy, this is nonsense.’ Well, if that’s the case, why are they now suing the ad campaign company who put together this set?” he asked Jones, adding that that legal move signals “something very wrong” happened.

“I’m really not surprised that I was banned over this,” Dicks added, referring to his recent expose about the Balenciaga pedo scandal.

Dicks also claimed that the scope of the ad campaign, given its high profile and the amount of money and coordination involved in the project, suggests that the pedophile propaganda within the photoshoot wasn’t an accident.

“You gotta ask the question: how many people are involved in this? You got the parents, the directors, the producers,” he noted. “This is clearly a massive movement.”

In this powerful report, Alex Jones breaks down the Balenciaga scandal and why the elites flaunt their hidden evils for the public to see:

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